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As for Caleb, I had a hard time not liking him, even when I started having my doubts about his loyalties.

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I just wished there was more of him in the storyline. I felt his appearances were far and few between.

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They are a unique blend of different personalities and characteristics, and together, they bring forth an unusual, refreshing dynamic to young adult literature. I enjoyed reading about them and would actually love to learn a little more about each of these family members. I hope there is more information in future books. As for the plotline, I found it really enjoyable.

The first being her little brother stealing the lamp to bring to school. As entertaining as the event was, I almost felt like this was an unnecessary obstacle for Ginn to face.

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I almost felt it could have been replaced or just drop entirely from the scene. Especially if there is more Rushmere and Caleb in it!

You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Although Tumnus resented the rule of the Witch, he was afraid to disobey her. He planned to lull Lucy to sleep, kidnap her, and take her to the Witch.

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His talk with Lucy made him realize what a heinous act it would be to betray her. Bursting into tears, he apologized to Lucy, told her about the Witch, and risked his life to help her escape back through the Wardrobe to Earth. Lucy visited Tumnus again on her second visit to Narnia, and inadvertently brought her brother, Edmund Pevensie , with her.

Unfortunately, Edmund ended up meeting the White Witch, and unwittingly told her everything about Tumnus helping Lucy escape After she dealt with Edmund, she sent her police to arrest Tumnus. He was taken to the Witch's castle for a supposed "trial".


When the four Pevensie children arrived in Narnia together, they visited Tumnus' home and found it trashed, but also that a foreboding note had been left. Beaver was indeed a friend. Tumnus was rescued and 'unpetrified' by Aslan when, after his resurrection, he liberated the Witch's castle and 'unpetrified' all the Narnians in it who had been turned to stone, by breathing on them.

Tumnus may have fought in the First Battle of Beruna , though he may also have supported the Narnian revolutionaries in other ways. He remained a close friend of the four Pevensie monarchs throughout the Golden Age.

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The last reference to him, is him giving his reported sighting of the White Stag , which initiated the hunt that resulted in the four Pevensies' disappearances from Narnia having returned to Earth. He reunited with Lucy and the rest in Aslan's Country , after Narnia was destroyed. Sign In Don't have an account?