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I was 30 years old when I finally began to learn that God works ordinarily, through prayer, the Sacraments, therapy, a strong support system, and even prescription drugs.

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I was exhausted, ashamed, full of secrets, and scared to death. And it is in relationship that we find healing. I grew weary in well-doing.

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I was worn-out, burned out on religion. And on my very worst day, lying in a hospital bed, I met a Jesus who feels the same way.

Jesus is burned out on religion, too. Click To Tweet.


God has never allowed my pain to be cheapened by sweeping it under the rug. Instead of snapping his fingers and healing me in an instant, God has allowed me to name my pain and has sat in the ashes with me. I have a strained relationship with the church today, but everyday faith has shown me that God is present in my process. Everyday faith has taught me that humanity is far more important than theology. And not only to me, but to the God of Jesus, who lingers with me as he gently restores my soul.

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I want to be honest that there have definitely been times at university where I have shied away from talking about what I believe, and have not stood up for what my faith stands for. Sometimes my fear of people trumps my fear of God, and I choose not to try and stand out for the gospel; after all, I am only human.

But, there have also been times where I have found myself standing on the corner of a street having conversations with random people about the good news of Jesus, which I think accurately portrays the real highs and lows of the everyday Christian journey. For me, a key factor in continuing my walk with God at university, was getting involved in a Church.

Everyday Faith – Eating Leftovers

All of this time in the Bible was a huge help in encouraging me to remember my faith in the everyday, focussing on what the Bible has to say about how I live my life in a way which glorifies God. I think this was a really important reminder that I needed, especially in an intense university environment, because an everyday faith should be showing those around you the difference that Christ makes in your life.

She still had a decision to make. She had to decide whether to align herself with what God was doing or to step aside.

An Amazing Christian Devotional

She could take hold of this unknown life the angel held before her or resist it and defend herself against it however she could. Mary chose to have faith.

Everyday Faith Day 1 - Resilience

May we choose the same this Christmas.