Manual Divided Attraction: A Prelude To The Public Attraction Trilogy

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All in the Mind previews a world where individual consciousness has been woven into a collective web of telepathic communication. Written in , playwright Robert Patrick anticipates virtual and augmented reality in a world in which all humans are connected in a shared consciousness.

Echoing the science fiction worlds of Philip K. Dick and Isaac Asimov that were in the popular consciousness at the time, All in the Mind envisions a world in which all of humanity shares every birth, death, sunrise, and sunset in a common experience. Yet the wit and humor of the pieces leaven the dystopian atmosphere, leaving it ambiguous as to whether the technologically enhanced future is an improvement or not—an ambivalence we all live with today.

Avi Mograbi and Chen Alon meet African asylum-seekers in a detention facility in the middle of the Negev desert where they are con ned by the state of Israel. What leads men and women to leave everything behind and go towards the unknown?

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Why does Israel, land of the refugees, refuse to take into consideration the situation of the exiled, thrown onto the roads by war, genocide and persecution? Can their collective unconscious be conjured up? Life and rehearsal blend together in this filmic portrait of The Seagull. The play is interpreted by a handful of top shelf stage actors from New York City as they converge in an upstate lakeside retreat where they live and breathe Chekhov. Through juxtaposing phases of rehearsal, live performance and pure cinema this hybrid documentary captures the idealism, contradictions and raw instinct that fuels theatre-making itself.

He is the most performed contemporary composer in the world. The world-renowned director Robert Wilson has brought this work to the stage in a former submarine factory in Tallinn. Tracing their creative process, the film offers rare and personal insights into the worlds of two of the most fascinating personalities in the international arts and music scene. We each have our own. The video is two layers of sometimes opposing realities. This video is not a political action, our bodies embodies all the politics and all wars that have been waged on our freedoms, faces, existence and utopias.

A population migration occurred with accelerated urbanization process, like birds. The cognition of hometown and native place has changed qualitatively.

Like the impact of modern technology on chicken in chicken coop, no one could escape. They are all domesticated. Jarideh is a one-to-one performance created by Tania El Khoury in Palestinian Wildlife Series combines video art and lecture performance to consider the effects of Occupation on plant, animal and mineral life.

Using footage from a television wildlife documentary on African animals, recorded from a television set in East Jerusalem, the film uses this act of appropriation to reflect on themes of mediation, displacement and representation in relation to its subject. Screened with live voiceover by the artist. Romeo Castellucci is a director, set designer, lights and costume designer of more than a hundred theatrical performances and operas.

Divided Attraction: A Prelude To The Public Attraction Trilogy

Theatron draws an unprecedented path through his thought and his work, bringing on the screen 25 years of career of the director. The film is not only the biography of one of the most acclaimed Italian directors in the world, but it is also a reflection on the deep roots of theatre, intrinsically linked to human nature. All screenings are FREE and open to the public on a first come, first served basis.

Festival schedule is subject to change. December 12, ] The Martin E. Segal Theatre Center , Theatre Without Borders and Tamizdat join forces to present a timely community conversation exploring the challenges and power of progressive activist theater. At this cultural moment many in the arts are seeking ways to bring activism into their work; this symposium will be a platform for sharing ideas and resources.

Table of Contents:

It will inform, empower, recharge, facilitate, and inspire. A selection of resistant theater projects from around the world will present their work as examples; leading activist artists will discuss the challenges and successes; experts will present on diversity, climate and sustainability, artist rights, artist mobility, and public and board relations. An open discussion will follow. The Symposium is for artists and administrators alike, and is designed to build communities across borders, genres, and disciplines.

We will share best practices and learn from our colleagues in the U. Please register at mestc gc. For more info contact conference theatrewithoutborders. Theatre Without Borders [TWB] is an informal, grass-roots, all-volunteer, virtual, global community that shares information and builds connections between individuals and institutions interested in international theatre and performance exchange.

TWB was born out of a need to connect artists around the world. TWB advocates for theatre artists who see themselves as members of a global community, as well as citizens of their respective nations and cultures. TWB engages with artists at all levels of practice. TWB is not a funder, producer or presenter. We plant seeds and watch the plants grow and develop, thanks to our many partners. Founded in by an international group of musicians, Tamizdat is a nonprofit organization that facilitates international cultural exchange.

Tamizdat has been involved with a wide range of activities aimed at facilitating international cultural exchange… we have booked festival showcases in the U.

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September 7, ] The Martin E. Inspired by the DIY maker movement, curator Andrew Kircher has assembled a program of significant new works-in-process, conversations, scholarship, and skills-building workshops. By merging the critical with the creative, PRELUDE will provide a space for artists to share, engage, and discover emerging practices in form, craft, and technology.

As the name Prelude suggests, this program is a hint of what is to come— not just for future seasons, but for the form as a whole. These evening-length hybrid performance events offer audiences a multi-angled view of the featured artist and their craft. PRELUDE will also include critical dialogues, including an intergenerational conversation on the history and legacy of avant-garde theatre artists of color, convened by Daniel Alexander Jones.

During this session, we will review the findings together and discuss what creative spaces are—or were—critical to this field. For the full festival schedule, please visit www. As a creative producer, he has worked with companies including Ars Nova and Les Freres Corbusier, and was previously the associate director of the Under the Radar Festival. Lower Manhattan Cultural Council empowers artists by providing them with networks, resources, and support, to create vibrant sustainable communities in Lower Manhattan and beyond.

With the writers hailing from five different continents, the International Play Festival generates a conversation on art, politics, dreams, war, and philosophy, meant to give American audiences a rich awareness of the greater global dialogue. All readings will be followed by discussion with the playwright.

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At its core, art is about empathy and understanding. In times of uncertainty, it is important that we reach out. At this historic moment of both unprecedented attacks on core freedoms and the emergence of new forms of resistance, the Festival will offer a platform for a global community of writers, artists and thinkers to connect with concerned citizens and the broader public to fight back against bigotry, hatred and isolationism. Assistant Curator: Soriya K. Out of control girls, angry, nasty girls are a sight to behold.

Public Attraction: The Complete Trilogy

This is a work about these girls. Their names are Billy, Bobby and Sam.

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In Kiev, Katya and Oksana prepare a funeral meal for their beloved husband, stepfather and Army colonel Sasha. The women in his life and the country need him. Short plays about gender identity in Brazil: a judicial fight, a dinner with a murderer, the death of the mother and a flower leads a rally. Ticha-Ticha awaits the return of Michael, the love of her life, who is, however, drawn to her daughter, Penda. This intense and poetic play deals with love, lust, female genital mutilation, and murder.

Germany is in the World Cup final; Berlin is dreaming again of a summer fairy tale to forget the world torn by wars. As the brutal siege rages outside, two Palestinian refugees debate the best plan of escape.

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Set outside Damascus in the Yarmouk refugee camp, this black tragicomedy reveals the catastrophic absurdity of the Syrian civil war. Parallel Time , a disturbingly humorous prison play, evokes the daily struggle of life behind bars for a group of Palestinian inmates. Featuring company favorite—and medieval troubadour-inspired—Sem Mim, this performance is well worth the 1. Regattabar, Cambridge, MA.

The Boston band Revolutionary Snake Ensemble has a knack for mixing the New Orleans brass band tradition with African music and avant-garde streams of jazz. Outpost , Cambridge, MA. Joey DeFrancesco February 20, 8 and 10 p.