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Target Undergraduate students and young professionals from different backgrounds interested in Corporate Finance.


Objectives To improve knowledge in investment analysis, international finance and controllership directed to current market needs. Benefits for scholarship holders participating in this program: - Free Business English - Assistance and documents to obtain the American Visa - Full support for academic and logistic preparation for the program. Why should I attend this course? Lectures given by university PhDs or specialists with vast executive experience; Meetings with local executives included in the activity grid; Technical visit to the United Nations headquarters in New York; Opportunity for international networking with Finance professionals.

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Financial management involves the acquisition and proper allocation of funds across a firm's operations and so involves setting policies. A company with a strong financial management process involves individuals from other areas of the firm in its financial decision-making, including purchasing, sales, production or manufacturing and human resources. Considering all facets of the organization's needs and concerns enables the individuals in charge of the financial management process to make more informed decisions.

In any firm, the person ultimately responsible for both the firm's corporate finance activities and the financial management function is the chief financial officer or CFO. In practice, he may have another title.

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Many smaller firms that do not engage in a lot of financing activities do not have CFOs. Instead, they have controllers — individuals with strong accounting backgrounds who compile the company's accounting and financial data. CFOs tie the firm's financial management to its strategy and leverage corporate finance activities to help a company achieve its operational and financial goals. Tiffany C. Wright has been writing since She holds a master's degree in finance and entrepreneurial management from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.

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