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Just follow this simple tutorial and you are ready to go! This origami for kids project is fairly simple to make and kids will have lots of fun playing with these once they are done! Next fold the corner of the triangle marked with a blue spot towards the top of the triangle. Do the same with the other corner. You should now have the shape displayed on the first picture above.

25 Easy Origami Ideas for Bigger Kids

Fold the right corner of the newly shaped square marked with the red dot towards the center of the square. Flip the frog. We have a triangle again sorry no picture of that one. Grab the corner of the triangle marked with the blue dot and fold it inwards as shown on the picture above. Do the same with the other side. It will now look like the image number 4 and 5 if you flip it.

Now fold the frog along the blue line fold it forwards.

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To make these frogs even cuter be sure to glue on some googly eyes and stick a tongue in their mouths! If you press the back part of the frog they will jump! Love Halloween and paper plate crafts? You'll love these Halloween Paper Plate Crafts for kids…. Check it out. Related Posts. Paper Pumpkin Craft We love it when crafts are quick and fun and that's why this paper pumpkin….

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Peacock Crafts and Activities If you're a fan of colorful birdies you're going to love these peacock crafts and…. I sure am, especially when it's hot! Paper Plate Peacock - Crafts for Kids This super easy craft is fun all year round - let's make a paper plate…. Privacy Policy Easypeasyandfun. Which is good, because these lucky stars are easy and totally addicting to make.

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Via Red Ted Art How cute are these origami folded books? Your kids could make their own and write the tinniest novels ever.

Via How About Orange These ninja throwing stars are awesome to throw…but never at people or animals. These shark bookmarks are an awesome way to bite into that reading list.

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May the force, of paper folding, be with you. Via Cannon These transforming stars change from stars to circles and back again. Via What Do We Do All Day When your kids make this origami star wreath , not only will they end up with an awesome decoration for their room, but a cool skill to show all their friends. Via Make and Takes Origami shirts and ties are perfect for kids who want to give their dads a special homemade gift.

Via Jillian in Italy This shark cootie catcher is dangerous!

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Dangerously adorable, that is. Via Easy Peasy and Fun.