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If you stay in the country we […]. Did you know you have to have it set up through a company here as a legal business and pay your taxes? We can do a due diligence […]. Qualified Accountant in Bali Did you know here at Bali Legals we have our own in house fully qualified accountant in Bali? We understand that keeping track of your company accounts can be quite time consuming and hard to grasp when your in a foreign country.

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We always advise against overstaying your visa and paying a fine to extend your holiday and possibly being held in immigration for hours. The information shown below relates specifically to Denpasar. The project checks countries with 11 indicator sets. The cost and time of establishing a business is the first indicator.

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While Indonesia currently ranks in starting a business it has shown some encouraging progress since the surveys began. The number of procedures has dropped from 12 to 8. These times assume all supporting applications documents are available as required. You can read the full World Bank report on Indonesia at www.

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I have added a couple of additional items that the World Bank does not include. Either you or your landlord would have this, if there is one. They are still unusual particularly for older buildings. To open the bank account in your business name you will need a letter from the Notary saying the business application is in process, plus your NPWP number. There are other licencing requirements not listed here for specific types of business, for example: restaurants, hotels and industrial production.

Some Regencies in Bali can be a little different in times and costs for local documents, and there are also some major differences for a PT. PMA, which I am not covering here. By law, the Notaris public notary is the only profession with access to the new computerized system for non-tax state revenue payments which is tied to electronically registering a business name.

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Property dealings are often complex areas, especially in foreign countries and we highly recommend you seek independent professional advice Important Information:. Disclaimer Terms and Conditions Privacy Policy. Starting business in Bali Lifestyle business Bali Maarja Pehme business bali Emerhub lifestyle business bali Challenges of lifestyle businesses.

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